It’s magnificent to examine these stones. To hold them, see carvings, graffiti, quartz veins. Working and shaping remnants. It’s the real thing, smaller, handy, here in your hand, worth two from afar, in the wind riven, cold, bleak landscape bush, behind the rope barriers, with crowds. OTH under your magnifying glass, examined closely in your comfy sitting room chair, by the fire – taking the time to contemplate.

The precision will aid your studies. Clever person.

And for us, more magical, spiritual perhaps, less scientific, more gut feeling – emotional. Well, crazies, I ‘spose. I, we, people I know say it’s frankly moving. It gives me butterflies, sometimes, as I transport myself closer to the ancestors. Thrilling. An aide-mémoire directly to back into the earliest of early British history.

Tingling. It’ll sharpen your spells. I warn you.

And predict the rise and fall of the stock market. Merely position it on the solstice line using the handy small visible notches feature/benefit, and do the calculations.

It’ll make you rich. Promise, cross my heart.

“Worth a fortune, when I’m dead.”