Stonehenge models – a byproduct

Witch photography is dangerous

These models of Stonehenge are a byproduct of my work as a witch photographer. I painted myself into Shropshire’s corner. My photographs are only of Shropshire. It’s difficult when I step outside the county – nobody knows where Stokesay Castle is, let alone the story of the two giants.

It’s the same in Google, nobody searches for pictures to buy of The Feather’s famous mini skirt ghost. You really have to see it and have it explained. My buyers off the website, invariably have met me on a market, taken a card and bought at their leisure at home, even if the home is outside the county. I’ve sent pictures to U.S.A., Australia, Holland… All over the world. But not so many.

My problem was that there aren’t enough people in Shropshire – it is one of the most sparsely populated counties in England. Nor are there enough markets, nor very large festivals. There are some festivals in the UK with over 250,000 visitors over a weekend, I’d love to do one of these every weekend. Ludlow’s Food Festival manages 20,000 – once a year and if it rains 🙁

Need something… Bigger!

So, I decided to move. But, I don’t want to move! What I need is a nationally important location, that I could sell online, somewhere people were already searching for…

  • London’s Tower Bridge? Not so many stories.
  • Plenty of tourist attractions in London – but so many and so dull
  • Lake District? Cotswolds? Probably the same woes as in Shropshire.
  • Loch Ness – hmmm! Too far though.
  • Stonehenge? Lot’s of stories!

So, Stonehenge it is! King Arthur with knights in shining armour, Merlin with the giants, fairies in abundance, witches – obviously, with a chance of doing naked witches – my favourite. And… space aliens and UFOs – perfect. And ghostly druids and stone age witch doctors!

First, I need to build a 3d model of the stones into which I can place my figures… Hang on, I could 3d print them out and as they’re such high detail, I’m sure people would want to buy them…

So, here I am. 3d models first, then the pictures.

Holding a rusty, iron patina, Trilithon Two, 76th scale, in my hand
Holding a rusty, iron patina, Trilithon Two, 76th scale, in my hand

Naked dancing witches at Stonehenge

Naked dancing witches at Stonehenge