Durrington Shafts could be sarsen pits

Again, Brian John picks apart the ‘Durrington Shafts’ and points out that even the authors think that the northern arc is likely natural.

It pisses me off so much that the Stonehenge area has become so full of big junk science. It’s hard to get to the small truths.

Some of these holes (none are shafts) could well be sarsen extraction pits, which is far more important and has been ignored in this recent paper.

Remember, there is a theory that the Heel Stone came from a nearby pit. Could it be that all the sarsens are from within a few miles, instead of being dragged from Marlborough Downs, 20 miles away. There are lots of reasons to think that there was something at the end of The Avenue, before mankind spotted The Avenue’s solstice alignment.

There was a research paper due in March 2019 that was to fingerprint sarsens in a wide, 20 miles circle, to see if they could be matched with Stonehenge – to see where they came from… Still waiting.

Since there are two types of sarsen at Stonehenge (there may have been more since many are missing).

Stonehenge map of the inner circle showing the orange and purple sarsen distribution
There are plenty of 5m deep holes, and many other shallower pits that are not marked on the above map.