Alien stick men (not)

Here, S54, inner, the narrow gap face. Obviously, stick space men. Conclusive proof, built by aliens.

The gap of Trilithon Two. Looking at the inner faces and the side on Stone 54.

I have no other ideas. All I know, is that I have trouble squeezing through this gap. I am 6′ 2″ not too bulky. But, I worry I could become stuck. It’s not a good spot to get into carving mode. They could be man made. Or some natural feature, eked out over the 4,500 years, by the damp. This face is NEE facing, so it’ll escape the sun, but not so mosses freezing and thawing. But, people, pushing through, would knock anything like that, off.

With Stone 53 taken away, we can more easily see the markings.
Nothing seen in colour.

I think they’re natural. Just pareidolia playing tricks, again. As people squeeze through the gap, likely they scratch against the rock and loosen more vulnerable parts. Over thousands of years, here we are.

Stonehenge, T2’s lintel S154 with a natural fold in the sarsen, fissures are eaten away by acid rain.

On our upright, S54, the same natural process happens. Fissures are opened by rain. But, here, with people squeezing through over 4,500 years, the rest is polished.