Four model sizes

Rendering of the four sizes. In bright copper sarsens, rusty iron bluestones and grass with numbers base. More variation examples here:
 1,000th scale is 39mm square and T2 is 6.3mm high (1½” ¼”)
 200th scale is 195mm square T2 31mm high (7⅔” 1¼”)
 76th scale 514mm square T2 83mm high (20¼” 3¼”)
 35th scale is 1116mm square T2 180mm high (43¾” 7″)

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    Stonehenge model replica four sizes of models

    Glass case

    A necessary evil. No matter where your model is kept it’s going to be vulnerable to a range of threats. Spiders being the most interesting. Spinning their cobwebs, and in the least, destroying the size optical illusion.

    Dust, children with sticky fingers… People who point with umbrellas.

    The larger stones are quite tough, but in the smaller sizes, the bluestones are very thin and susceptible to being snapped. 

    Above the 35th scale has a plain grass map while the others have grass numbered. All are marble sarsen and rusted iron bluestones.