Up to 6th scale for gardens

I realised I hadn’t good visual of the different Stonehenge model scales, up to 6th scale. Here it is, with the diameters of the outer circle and the mean height (trilithon two and four). It’s visualised in rusty iron, but all finishes will be available, including real life skins.

The larger models will be hollow resin cast, so very light. I’m working on methods so that they can be filled, to make them heavier and stronger, so you could sit. Probably a screwed in hole, rather like my piggy bank, when I was a child. And probably with sand.

As well, some screw in threads to anchor into your lawn. Pull them out so you can mow the grass. And a map, so that you put them into the right place, easily. As well a calculator to work out where the Solstice line will be according to your latitude on our little old world.