T2 in Germany and my versions

A museum in Germany is making a decent, life-sized, model of #Stonehenge Trilithon Two. Found via @Clonehenge. An opportunity for me to show off my models. In rust for detail and damp winter garb for colour.

And here’s my two. In rust, showing the lumps n bumps and skinned in winter garb. The interior faces of T2 are deliciously coloured, being north facing, so receive little direct sunlight to dry out the shrubby fructose species of lichen living higher, out of reach of human hands, as they’re so easily brushed off. And lower, the ink blot, crustose lichens, which could easily be thousands of years old.

In the photos, the near Stone53, with the graffiti, is polished to a few inches above Johannes Ludvicus De Ferre. IOH:LVD:D∑ F∑RR∑. Before the probable Bronze Age’s 42 axes and one possibly two daggers. These are perhaps 1,000 years after they were erected. When the polishing happened, is unknown, but that it was after erection, before the axes. Odd, that only S10’s inner face, exactly behind S53 is the only other to be so polished.

Winter colours
Rusted texture