Stonehenge Stone 59 reconstruction

Stonehenge, Stone 59 parts oblique view from above with woodsman and princess for scale

I’m fascinated with this one stone, Stone 59. (But, fickle is what fickle decides to be flavour of the moment.)

When Stone 59 fell, it broke into three major parts: the bottom, turtleback a; middle b and tenon c. I guess the other chunks, particularly the right, top corner of the middle chunk (59b) and the lower right corner of the bottom (59a) have been taken. Perhaps there is a flaw in the sarsen down that side.

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How long to build Stonehenge?

A map of the hot spots of time to carve out the shapes of the stones of Stonehenge.

Barney Harris has worked out the man-hours needed to craft the stones. Fabulous stuff. I see that it is the lintels that took the longest. I hadn’t thought of that.

They have six sides to dress where the trilithon’s uprights have a back that is left rough the buried side that wouldn’t have had much attention, though the inside face would be polished smooth, the two walls wouldn’t, as they show lots or remaining working lines. Continue reading “How long to build Stonehenge?”