Stonehenge’s stone 28

Long been fascinated by these carvings. I think this stone will be the Rosetta Stone of Stonehenge. Seen with other original markings on 59a and the back of 54. There’s definitely method in the carvers’ madness.

Stonehenge Stone 28 a sarsen on the outer ring showing the carved curves on the outer face of the stone. Rendered in a rust texture to emphasise the swirling patterns.
S28 rendered in a rust texture to emphasise the swirling patterns. Note the three notches top right.

Long thought of as a face, with prominent brows, certainly the shape has been enhanced by the swirling concentric lines. If it is a face, the carvings may be Māori-like tattoos. But, what about the three notches in the right eyebrow?

Several views around Stonehenge’s Stone 28 with the correct colours of moss, lichen and rotted sarsen.

There is some speculation that these are conchoidal fractures. I think, perhaps. Perhaps they started out as fractures during shaping of the sarsen and they were later enhanced.