Stone 55b

The top part of the broken and fallen ‘fat’ upright from the central Trilithon 3 — it lays across the Altar Stone. Much of the graffiti on the top has worn away. Can just make out:

I suspect the upper case letter I with the stroke through it would be the Latin form.

Close up of Stonehenge's Stone 55b showing a hand for scale with the graffiti Iane Fleming
Latin lettering
Fallen, nearly sunk bluestone S67, rounded edge of lintel S156 with its edge nearly touching the side of S55b

The colours of the lichen in the rain are emo grunge : -) And the ‘mineral iron’ in the stone adds ‘red’ staining to the puddles.

The flaws on the left S55a echoed by the angular cut atop S55b on the right

Much of the rounding has been done by ‘Victorian’ collectors with hammers.

But that cut, on the right… Maybe it was flawed when the builders were shaping it.

There are many eroded scars on the top of S55a, where some mineral has washed away over the millennia.