Jōmon period v. Neolithic Britain

TIL about Japanese Dogū ceramic figures. Roughly same age as the sarsens of #Stonehenge. And Jōmon flame pottery, about the same age as the beginning of Stonehenge.

Via an exhibition at the Stonehenge visitor centre comparing British and Japanese Neolithic.

Surviving British art, around this time, would have been rock carvings, cup and ring markings and the like, while in Ireland, there’s much more. But nothing like the crazy Dogū figures and Jōmon fire pottery.

Cup and rings, at Weetwood Moor, in the English county of Northumberland
Engravings at the entrance to Newgrange., Ireland

Though there are ‘Venus’ figures in Europe. None have been found in the UK. Maybe it was taboo. Perhaps they’ve just not been found, yet.

The Venus of Dolní Věstonice 29,000 years old the oldest known ceramic articles in the world
The Venus of Dolní Věstonice, in the Czech Republic, 29,000 years old, the oldest known ceramic articles in the world