Stone 55b

The top part of the broken and fallen ‘fat’ upright from the central Trilithon 3 — it lays across the Altar Stone. Much of the graffiti on the top has worn away. Can just make out:

I suspect the upper case letter I with the stroke through it would be the Latin form.

Close up of Stonehenge's Stone 55b showing a hand for scale with the graffiti Iane Fleming
Latin lettering
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The erratic that sunk the Titanic

Recently, tenacious Brian John, researched this bluestone found on a beach by Phil Holden, a photographer, in Mumbles, near Swansea, South Wales. It is just one of several that make up a breadcrumb trail of the ice floes from the west of Wales, North Wales, even Scotland. Which, probably, reached as far or even further than the nascent site of Stonehenge.

Measuring 2.2m x 1.3m x 1m and weighing at least 7 tonnes. Smoothed by thousands of years of sea erosion.
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T2 in Germany and my versions

A museum in Germany is making a decent, life-sized, model of #Stonehenge Trilithon Two. Found via @Clonehenge. An opportunity for me to show off my models. In rust for detail and damp winter garb for colour.

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